Sole importer for the brand BRIO, Banagrumes markets one of the top brands in terms of quality and volume. Daily shipments from Spain guarantee the exceptional freshness of our fruit.

According the season, we sell the very best citrus fruit families by season, with or without leaves :

  • Clementines : Oronules, finas, esbals, clemenules, clemenvillas, fortunas, etc...
  • Oranges : Salustianas, navelines, navels, navel-lates, lane-lates, sanguinellis, Tarocco, Newhalls, etc...
  • Lemons : Primofiori, verna, eureka.
  • Grapefruits : Mainly from Florida.

Out-of-season, and to lengthen the season, we offer the best productions of citrus fruits from South America, Australia and South Africa.