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History & market position

Banagrumes is a family enterprise, importer, fruit wholesaler, created in 1963 and installed in the Rungis Market of National Interest since 1969. Since 2004 it’s been managed by Alain Alarcón, who succeeded from his father Abel Alarcón-Sanchez.
Banagrumes is also a firm which ripens bananas, avocados and mangoes.
Closely observing market trends and public health regulations, Banagrumes is a real multi- specialist. Continually evolving, it occupies a position on the market which just can’t be ignored.
Banagrumes is a corporate citizen distinguishing itself by its guarantees of quality and safety in terms of health. It is certified Fel’Partenariat, Fel’Excellence, Bio, Demeter and ICPE (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment) for its ripening rooms.
Reasoned agriculture, “zero pesticide residues”, product traceability, ripening rooms and client satisfaction are now deeply rooted in the company’s DNA.
Banagrumes provides choice fruit which is fresh and in sufficient quantities, followed by a broad range of products at best prices, which cover practically all permanent fruit, whether or not they’re in season, both conventional fruit and bio fruit.
Banagrumes – with new fruit coming in every day – markets in a sustainable way numerous producer brands. It’s the exclusive distributor of Brio, its emblematic brand and in 2019 it launched its bio brand: Bio’Sélect.

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Our vision

Nutrition is a key factor for healthy living. Eating five fruits and vegetables a day is still a major challenge to meet for public health. This is what motivates Banagrumes’ team on a daily basis.

Our convictions and ambitions

Fruit is food for all generations, always in style, as it associates accessibility, simplicity, pleasure, staying in shape and well-being.

  • Accessibility : there is a broad range of fruits which are less expensive than pastry, a danish or similar snacks.
  • Simple and practical: there will always be fruit that you can take with you, wherever you are, and which can be enjoyed as is, requiring no preparation or cutlery.
  • Pleasure: the variety of fruit enables us to satisfy all tastes. Either as a snack or practically a full meal, alone or with other food, it’s always a pleasure to eat or to offer.
  • Staying in shape and well-being: to be healthy can be a pleasure, and fruit can help.

Our ambition is to enable everyone to conciliate choice, quality, health, pleasure and budget.

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Our clients

We work exclusively in BtoB, essentially in France but we also operate elsewhere in Europe. We distinguish our clients as follows :

  • “Direct BtoC” : retailers, who represent the biggest part of our business
  • “Intermediaries” : wholesalers, semi-wholesalers and central markets
  • e-commerce (pure player) which commercializes exclusively on internet

Our attributes


Fresh products

Qualite securite

Quality and safety

Choix volume prix

Choice, volume, price

Services conseils

Service and advice

Gain de temps

Save time with us