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Alarcón Family, Producer of citrus fruit under the label Brio Fruits in Liria, Province of Valencia – Spain

Abel Alarcón Sanchez is the founder of Banagrumes. After 10 years working in the Paris Halles, then over 40 years on the Rungis Market of National Interest at the service of our clientele of retailers, it goes without saying that he knows all about fruit!

In 2000, Abel became a producer! Until then it was just a hobby, but he made it his new profession. This is how a plantation of citrus fruits, installed in line with the standards of modern agriculture, came into being 30 km north-west of Valencia. It became the home base for our supplier Agrios Selectos in Gandía (Valencia, Spain), and through it for the brand name BRIO FRUITS, for which we have exclusive rights.

It is therefore at the heart of this recent farm of approximately 150 ha, that with the help of his son – Abel Alarcón Natan and their agronomy engineers – they produce the best varieties of citrus fruits with the most innovative techniques, respecting reasoned agriculture, and with specifications which are even stricter than “Zero Residue of Pesticides”.

Oronules, Nules, Fina-late, Clemenvilla, Sanguinelli, Navel Powell, Valencia, Midknight, Orri,… such are the varieties produced by our family group and of which Abel and Alain are now proud to be able to put on your shelves… with class!

To make a long story short, it’s something which can keep our family busy for another twenty years!

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