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The Manganaro/Rindone family, producers of Santi citrus fruits in Sicily, Italy

The agricultural activity of the Manganaro and Rindone families started at the beginning of the 1900s, through the acquisition of their first stretch of land on the Lentini territory by Paolo Manganaro.

In 1970, the company went through a historical turn thanks to the union of the Manganaro and Rindone families. Santi Rindone, an agronomy engineer, married Anna Manganaro (the granddaughter of Paolo Manganaro) and gave his first name to the brand of Sicilian citrus fruits which are quite popular with our French clientele!

In the beginning of the 2000s, this visionary company based its commercial policy on an original guarantee, a guarantee “for healthy eating”, thus offering products without pesticide residues and which are very tasty. In so doing they bypassed all of their competitors.

The Newhall orange is the company’s star product. The presence of leaves on the fruit is a sign of freshness. The product is picked, packaged and shipped the very same day, without any other human interference to improve its texture or longevity. 

Aside from Newhall, the company also produces blood oranges (Tarocco and Sanguinello Fragolino), late Navel oranges, variants of the Summer Navel (Powell & Chislett) and lemons.

At this point the management is in the hands of the Rindone brothers: Stefano (Technical Division for installations) and Giacomo (Commercial Division and warehouse logistics). For a number of years now the company also sells citrus fruit jams, available in two varieties: Powell and Tarocco.

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