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Apricots, peaches, cherries … these fruits with pits are amongst those snacks which are perfect for both children and adults. They don’t have many calories and they’re easy to transport. They can also be enjoyed as a starter or a dessert, plain, in pastry, in sorbets or as an accompanying dish. Fruit with pits foster creativity and it’s a real pleasure for our taste buds.



Origins: Spain, Italy (Sicily), South Africa, Australia…

Varieties : Jaunes : Sunred, Red diamond, R8, 4612, Extreme Bomba, Big Top, Blanches : Estelle, R22, Luciflora
Brands : Primor, Brio, Imperial Gold, Acopaex, Tany, Lila’s, Fruites Font, Magui
Calibres : AAA20, AA22, A24, B26, B28, B30, C32, C35, D37…


Origin: Spain

Varieties : Jaunes : Early Crest, Maycrest, Plagold, blanches : Patti, Extreme white, Robin, Sweet Robin…
Brands : Primor, Brio, Imperial Gold, Acopaex, Fruites Font, Tany, Lila
Calibres : AAA20, AA22, A24, B26, B28, B30, C32, C35, D37…


Origins : Spain, France, Italy (Sicily), South Africa

Varieties : Mogador, Magic Cot, Wonder Cot, Colorado, Samouraï, Tsunami, Orange Ruby, Orange Red…
Brands : Fruites font, Sportfruit, La Torre Stone Fruits, Léon, Mogalla…
Calibres : AAA, AA, A, B

Peaches and flat nectarines

Origin : Spain
Varieties : Carioca, UFO 2, UFO 4, Sweet Cap, Platibelle, Siroco 20, Sobirana, Cakeredal…
Brands : Sportfruit, Fruites Font, Dizfruta
Calibres : AAA, AA, A, B


Origins : Spain, Argentina…
Varieties : Burlat, Starking, Cashmere, Van, Sweet Lorenz, Santina, Prime Giant, Lapins, California, Bing…
Brands : Brio, Escogidas, Más de Roc, Zalama, La Torre Stone Fruits, Campo y tierra
Calibres : 22, 24, 26,28, 30, 32, 34, 36


Origin : Spain
Varieties : Algar, Xirlero…
Brands : Ruchey, El Osito
Calibres : GGG, GG, G, M


Origins : South Africa, Spain
Varieties : Red Beauty, Green Red, Black Diamond, Laetitia, Angeleno, Songold, Reine Claude, Larry Ann
Brands : La prière, Company, Zalama, Acopaex…
Calibres : AAA, AA, A, B

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