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Since Banagrumes is made up of a team full of passion for their work, attentive to market opportunities, we would like to share with you some specificities, on the margin of our core activity. Truffles, sweet potatoes, tomatoes or a few dry fruits will undoubtedly please your clients.



Origins : Spain, Italy
Varieties : Raf, Merinda, Rébellion, Tomate-cerise
Brand : Naturinda
Calibres : GG, G, M

Sweet potatoes

Origins: Spain, Italy

Variety : Rose
Brand : Carmel…
Calibres : L2


Origins: Jordan, Israel

Variety : Medjool
Brand : Bombon
Calibres : XXL


Origin : France
Variety : Ente
Brand : TRIAS
Calibres : 28-32 / 22-27


Origins : Spain
Varieties : Tuber Melanosporum
Brands : Manjares de la Tierra
Calibres : de 20 à 200 gr./ pièce

Dry apricots

Origins : Turkey, France
Brand : Trias

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