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Do your legs feel heavy and painful? Raspberries, blackcurrants, red currants, blackberries or bilberries (also know as blueberries)… these little things with their delicate taste have what it takes to satisfy your urge for red fruit: not too many calories, high water content, chock full of vitamins (notably vitamin C) and mineral salts, they also contain an excellent source of polyphenols which play a precious anti-oxidant role to help you stay in good health. Speak to your clients about it!



Origins: Spain, Portugal, Morocco

Varieties : Diamante, Adelita, Tulameen
Brands : Brio, Driscolls…


Origins: Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Argentina
Varieties : Emerald
Brands : Brio, Driscolls
Calibres : +16mm, +18mm


Origins : Spain
Varieties : Candonga, Fortuna, Primoris
Brand : Guaperal

Red currants

Origins : Holland, France
Brand : Driscolls


Origins : Holland, France
Brand : Driscolls


Origin : France

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