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Juan Carlos Díaz Hernández, producer of bio lemons in Murcie, Spain

When Carlos welcomed us for the first time on his lemon farm between Santomera and Abanilla (Province of Murcie, the home of Spanish lemons), what caught our eye immediately were all kinds of weeds around the trees! Welcome to a bio farm!

“Here, everything is under control, day after day!” With a quick gesture of the hand, Carlos took out a folding magnifying glass from his pocket, deployed it and started to examine the leaves on the neighbouring lemon trees in their finest details. Mushrooms, worms, spiders or any other kind of infestation could have him lose over night his entire production! We quickly understood why – with his agronomy engineers – he must be extremely vigilant!

To have us grasp the difficulty of his profession as producer in Biological Agriculture, he explains: “If, upon the next citrus fruit campaign, my clementines don’t sell for a minimum of €1.80 the kilo, I pull out the entire field and I replace everything with lemons!”

The tone, far from being threatening, takes on its true meaning when he explains: “It’s been four years that I’ve been telling the boss that we’re going to succeed, that we’re going to produce bio clementines, and it’s been four years that we’ve failed! This year is our last chance. We’re counting on you a lot!”

Following this visit, we are more motivated than ever to help these producers who really go out of their way to grow fruit using sustainable agriculture and who fight for a healthier environment for the future! Carlos and Banagrumes, we both identify with these values. These are also the values of Bio’Sélect!

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